Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hay mucho para escribir!

Sorry I haven´t been able to write in the past few days, but I´ve been overwhelmed with so many things! (And they´re all good things, so no worries.)

Just a thought; there´s something really nice about walking out your door on a cool, sunny morning and seeing a volcano...

On Wednesday morning at the school (Kei-Balam) we had an ancient Mayan ceremony. It was amazing. I made an offering of red and white candles (red for love,for me, and white for life, for my friend Roseann, whose Dad isn´t doing too well lately. I hope it helped.) I have photos, but no time to upload now. I will later!

The big lunch I made at the shelter went to so well that I´ve been requested to do it again at the school this Thursday for the students and the teachers! I guess it´s the best way I can contribute here, everyone appreciates good food. And mealtimes are more than just about the food. It´s the time people learn about one another and talk about life. My Spanish teacher, Palmenia, is THE BEST. She´s 100% Mayan and we talk about the culture and the history of the Mayan peoples all the time. If only I had studied my Spanish as well as I did my history and culture of Guatemala, I´d be a pro by now (or at least not getting lost so much!)

On Saturday I went to Totonicapan with one of the teachers and my friend Keila. She´s from L.A., but her family is Guatemalan and they don´t live far from here, so she´s visiting them while we both volunteer at the shelter. She is one cool chica.

On Sunday morning I went to Parque Central, (all by myself without getting lost, thank you), to write.

There was a really nice fiesta in the park right outside the cemetary, so Marlo, her perro, Puppy and I sat there most of the day enjoying music and eating a lot of stuff I probably shouldn´t have eaten, but did anyway. It was a lovely day. They all are, so far.

I have to leave for the shelter now, (we´re making clay figures of our favorite animals today), but I will write more later, I promise. I miss you all!



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  1. Thank you for including my pops in your ceremony, Sister B! It definitely helped! I love you and am so excited that you got to experience all of this. Hopefully when you get back from SF the dust will have cleared for both of us and we can spend some QT together.

    Sister B